My Raw Hair FEBRUARY 2016 UPDATE!!!!!
Thank you Everyone for your support! I was in a car accident last week and can not continue to work as of now. I will be taking 2-3 weeks off to recoup, rest, and recover! Truly I am sorry for the inconvenience but will update everything one I am back! 

This is will also give me some time to explain in detail why somethings have changed such as in stock, wait times (before-after ordering), shipping times, what to expect with your Raw hair and contact/Customer service hours. 

Right now I can't keep up with all the orders each day. Raw hair takes time and it impossible for me to cater to each and every schedule as well as hair appointment dates which I absolutely cant worry about. Ordering in advance is the key!

Also the amount of wholesale questions and requests are through the roof! I am not a "supplier nor a vendor". I'm an independent online retail establishment! Through a production studio in Hollywood I can get Raw hair that is unpredictable in many ways that has natural flaws yet has a great quality. This can be a problem if you don't have an open mind or broadened mindset of what RAW hair is. Also Raw hair naturally takes more time to source. So If I were to offer BULK ORDERS I would only be able to offer certain textures for that but it is still an idea :)

Thank you all again!!!!!! - KASEY 


Real Raw hair Cut from head! I pick up the Raw hair from a Production Studio in Hollywood 1-2 times a week! 

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Hello! It is late and I decided to make a last minute video for www.myrawhair.com. Established for 6 years now I pride myself on making sure to showcase real Ponytail hair! Its important to know Im no...

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Raw Malaysian Hair
www.MyRawHair.com Any Questions? Please feel free to email me- RawVirginHair@Yahoo.Com